Alexandra Garraux

Portfolio Manager

I was born on September 8, 1976. I am married and mother of a girl born in 2014.

In 1995, I obtained my CFC as a commercial employee after an apprenticeship with a prosecution office. Despite the very unfriendly relationship with clients due to the context of this area, I was very interested in everything related to the Law on Prosecution. I continued in this direction and worked for more than 6 years in the litigation department of <em>Assura</em> Health Insurance.

In 2001, I moved to <em>Winterthur</em>, later <em>Axa</em>, where I stayed for 14 years. During this period, I first worked for the litigation department of the LPP Foundation and after a few years, also for the non-life litigation department. At the same time, I internally attended LPP manager training.

After my maternity leave, the <em>Axa</em> Litigation Department was transferred to the headquarters in Winterthur. I decided not to « go abroad » and took the opportunity to be able to take care of my daughter full time.

2 years later, I felt the need to get back into the bath as they say. But I did not want to work in a collection service and in April 2016, I had the chance to join the <em>Gonthier & Schneeberger </em> team as LPP manager. Every day I deepen my knowledge in insurance of all kinds and I finally meet customers that I do not « persecute » …

I devote most of my free time to my family life, taking care of my home, trying to make my child discover the world, and trying to answer all his « why » … Thanks Google… I like the simple pleasures of life, sharing good times and good meals with family or friends.